Of Paddling Fests and Mother’s Day

My In-laws came to visit this past week and we were blessed with very sunny weather (it has gotten hot even!). On Saturday was the Northwest Paddling Festival, held in Issaquah, Wa. Since Kirk and both his parents kayak we headed over to check it out. It was free to attend, outside of the park pass, and for $5 you could try out so many devices!

Walker checking out everything – Alistaire was hiding in his stroller out of the sun.

Kayaks, canoes and paddleboards stretched the beach:

The water was warmed up a bit even….

While they checked out everything I took Walker and Alistaire out walking along Issaquah Creek:

Where upon two moochie ducks came to shore to see if the toddler had any snacks to share….

Walker loves ducks –

Kirk had signed him and Ford up and the first they took out was a canoe:

Many floatings later and the little ones and I explored more of the park:

The creek was pretty in its own way –

After a number of hours and Ford getting all toasty we called it a day.

My In-Laws took us out for dinner after at Salty’s in Redondo. Kirk and I lived just up the road from it about 8 years ago and I enjoy going there. The restaurant is built on a pier over the water, the views are lovely – and I happen to enjoy their food. After dinner Walker wanted to go down to the beach (what little one doesn’t?) so Grandma took him down and we joined them later.

Ford and Walker playing – it reminded me so much of when Ford was 3 or 4 years old, playing on the beach down from where I worked (when we lived on an island).

Walker with a large crab shell Ford found for him:

And on Mother’s Day Kirk gave me these for a gift! Norpro 18/10 Stainless Steel Measuring Scoop Set I had had my eyes on them for awhile and this set has 4 scoops, where the ones I had seen only had 3. Even better, the 4th scoop is 1/8th a cup (2 Tablespoons). The scoops are very heavy and long, designed to dip into large containers such as flour or sugar:



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