August Vegan Food Swap Reveal

My friend (and hiking partner) Cat runs The Vegan Food Swap – since her starting it, it has taken off like crazy! If you like eating vegan or just like getting new items randomly in the mail, consider signing up!

This month my package went out to Magnolia Beginnings, and I received a box of goodies from The Radioactive Vegan.

She knew I have kidlings so part of my box was for them – of which Walker was quite happy to get into. There were items I had never seen before – such as the Jensen’s Orchards bag of nut clusters, which were incredibly tasty. The Fruiti Bears were all-natural no-dyes added gummi bears. I knew they existed but hadn’t been able to find them to buy, Walker ate them up without hesitating. He also thought the whole-grain pasta was fun. She picked well!

It took me a long time to love edamame, I eat it often when hiking now. Dry roasted and lightly salted is my favorite so the large bag was perfect. A bag of crunchy vegetable chips and lentils rounded out the box. I haven’t had the lentils yet, but soon.




  1. You can also get vegan/veretarian gummi bears in Holland and Barret called ‘Vege Bears’. I am a big fan x

  2. Thanks for sharing! I signed up to be a part of Septembers “penpal” fun! 🙂

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