Vegan Wake-Up: Nog Frappes

I was woken up this morning by this little guy, all happy and cooing –


While I sipped my morning frappe and ate my oats, he stood up for the first time! Then did it 3 more times, ensuring that Daddy could see it 🙂 He wants to be out there with his big brother so badly. Speaking of, Walker a couple of days ago at the park showing off. The sunny weather is finally gone this morning. It started raining last night. Fall is here finally it seems. No more 77° days in October it seems.

So my guilty pleasure? For me it is this:

I used to have a thing for egg nog,which was perpetuated by my running a coffee shop for 8+ or so years.  I’d bug our milk delivery guy from the 1st of September, till he got it in. At first it was mid November. Then as the years went by I got it in by early October. The shop owner didn’t get “it”. Why we should carry it. That stuff flew out the door. Once she realized how much $$ she could make, my early ordering wasn’t questioned anymore. 2 long shots of espresso + 12 ounces cold full fat egg nog over ice was heaven to me. None of that icky “light” or worse, cut with milk (or as I call it – watered down!), like Starbucks does.

Well….until so many brands went to HFCS as their sweetener and I realized that the heavy saturated fat wasn’t my best friend either. Until I tried So Delicious’s Coconut Nog a year ago, I hadn’t met a non-dairy one I liked. Don’t get me started on that nasty, nasty, nasty soy nog out there. Last winter I fell for it hard. It has the taste I love, it is smooth and creamy. Granted, you do need to love the taste of coconut milk (which I do). It is amazing in oatmeal I might add. (You really should click on that link, just saying!!)

And in a morning frappe? If I had this back in the day, I’d have made a mint for my boss. Why espresso shops are not making my frappes, who knows. Lets just say they are missing out! This drink is rich and creamy tasting (thank you frozen bananas) that unless you tell, no one will guess “plant-based” or “vegan”.

Nog Frappe



Add everything to a high-speed blender, such as a Vitamix. Process on high until smooth, tamping as needed. Serve immediately with wide straws.

Makes 2 16-ounce drinks.


PS: So where does one find said wonder Nog? Natural food stores should have it in stock, although out here in the PNW the big stores like Safeway have it right by the dairy Nog. So Delicious will send you coupons as well if you fill out their form.




  1. What a cutie to wake-up to! Now, your life will become even more exciting with a stander. 🙂

  2. nuttyalternatives says:

    That oatmeal sounds awesome!!!!!

  3. Mercy, that sounds delicious!

  4. I don’t even drink coffee and I want that! Might have to try it with pero!

  5. Congrats for your youngest child starting to walk! Yeah! What a great way to enjoy this good news with this tasty eggnog creation! Yummy Yum!

  6. Adorable! I can just see the two of them running around – with your chasing after them! Soon – more family hikes – heaven!


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