Mint Mocha Frappes

Once October is over and the craze of PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!!! dies down, you know what is next: CHOCOLATE MINT EVERYTHING!!!!


I am proud to say that I can enable you all in that. I “forced” myself to be a test subject and try this out to make sure it was the good stuff. Just be forewarned that there is a fine line in using mint flavoring/extract. Go over it and it is like chugging mouth wash. And that isn’t what we are looking for in our morning go-go drink. Well, maybe you are…but I am not 😉 So watch your measuring of it….

Mint Mocha Frappes



Add the ingredients to a high-speed blender (such as a Vitamix), process on high, tamping as needed until smooth. Serve immediately with wide straws.

Serves 2.




  1. I am a bigger fan of chocolate mint than pumpkin anyway! And this is lactose free! Can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Yummy! I love using coconut milk. I have 2 cartons in my fridge as we speak. Mint chocolate…yummy!

  3. I’m totally ready for chocolate mint everything!!! Bring it on!

  4. I didn’t have any mint extract or regular coconut milk on hand so I used the So Delicious Chocolate Mint Coconut Milk and it tasted incredible !

    • Yay! I was thinking the same thing – but was waiting till I had time to drive to find some of it. I shouldn’t complain, at least my local Safeway carries the So Delicious Coconut Nog, but I want the other flavors too 😉

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