Book Review: The Breakfast Taco Book

Awhile back I picked up the Kindle version of The Breakfast Taco Book, but it took me way too long to get to it! Hello Sarah, don’t be so busy 😉


Her taco book is more a weaving of local history and her awesome humor than a “standard” cookbook, but that is what makes Hilah fun to follow. Fair warning – her potty-mouth/humor is present in this book. I snorted at the reviews on Amazon of “shocked” readers. I have a feeling they hadn’t heard of Hilah before and only grabbed it because it had been a freebie for a few days. Sheesh, don’t be so sensitive! Enjoy the book for what it is – and for me…well breakfast tacos are not very common here. So it got me thinking and wanting to try it. She lays out the basic ingredients one might find in the tacos and easy recipes to make those items. As for putting the tacos together? No, that is up to the reader to get creative with – a good thing I say! As a bonus, if you are reading the book on a computer, you can click-through to see her related videos on each topic in the book.

Anyhow, I kept ours vegetarian – each of us had 2 tortillas worth:


  • taco flour tortillas (heated in a dry skillet until puffy and smelling great)
  • vegetarian refried beans (a bit smeared on each tortilla)
  • scrambled organic eggs (2 each)
  • queso fresco cheese (cojita cheese) (as much as everyone wanted)
  • salsa (liberally applied)
  • home fries with onion & garlic, served on the side

Verdict? De-l-i-cious.

We need to have this more often! Thanks Hilah!




  1. Looks delicious, what I wanna know is exactly how many cookbooks you currently own. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Ya know, not that many! I just sent 8 more to the ladies at the local Safeway (they love getting them). I try to only keep the really, really good ones. So I don’t have a huge mess in my kitchen 😉

      • I think I like you even more (if possible) after reading this comment. You are sweet to share!

        • I need to start giving away more of the vegan ones 🙂 Up next is The Complete Idiots Guide to Vegan Slow Cooking to review 😀

        • You oughta do giveaways on the blog, like the 12 days of Christmas!!!

          Excited about the slow cooking one!

        • That is what I am thinking 🙂 I get so many cookbooks – and it isn’t like I am paying for them! Share the love!

        • Exactly, and if you ship book rate, it won’t cost you too much. Giveaways increase traffic. And, you can make it mandatory that people follow your blog to enter. Bonus! 🙂 I’ll give you some plugs if you do it on my facebook vedged out page!

    • Sure! And no kidding, when I do giveaways on my Trailcooking blog, they are quite popular 🙂 Love Rafflecopter as well. (What is funny is one of my last giveaways, the shoe insoles? Wow, were people excited!)

      • I was excited! The only reason we didn’t enter is we stopped wearing insoles after reading born to run! Not into barefoot yet, but try to keep support to a minimum, we have less injuries that way! Rafflecopter is awesome!

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