Wet Ones Sticky Situations Facebook Contest

Sticky Situations Contest

You all know I am Mom to three kids. Three boys. And that I have seen pretty much every mess that they can create (although I am sure they will find even more for me…..) From Ford, my oldest, painting his face with markers after we put him to bed years ago, to keeping the van from becoming a pit.

Wet Ones is running a Sticky Situations contest on Facebook to share your memorable (and maybe cringe-inducing) worst Sticky Situations and your tips on dealing with said messes! Head over to share your best mess stories, photos & tips and enter to win an iPad Mini or Six Flag Tickets.

My tips for dealing with messes?

My first tip? Planning. We love corn mazes. In the PNW in late fall the fields are always ankle-deep mud bogs. This leads to little boys falling in the mud (accident? Yeah…..) and becoming covered in mud, hay and leaves.


My method to the madness? Before we leave the house, I pack a clean outfit and shoes for each kid in plastic grocery sacks. Once done each kid gets changed in the back of the van, their muddy boots go in the bag, muddy clothes in the other bag. Knot them and toss in the back till we get home. I do this for hiking trips as well – for both kids AND adults! You can never have too many plastic sacks or wipes on hand.

My second tip? Years ago, I learned that one could dry out wipes and then pack them away in a freezer bag. When we hike and need them, I can soak them in a bit of water and ta-da, like new. So next time the lid gets left off or ajar and your wipes dry out, don’t toss them! Then you can wipe up pretty much everything.

Check out the contest!


FTC Disclaimer: “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.” 



  1. I use the dry wet wipes too! If I lose a pack of wipes in my car and it dries out, I just pour water back in, good as new 🙂

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