Ultimate Blog Party 2013?

I heard about Ultimate Blog Party through Annemarie at Real Food. Real Deals. Intrigued I headed over to see what it was about….well, I love finding new blogs to check out and follow so this was perfect – and there is still plenty of time to get involved!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Welcome to my site, Gazing In.

I’m Sarah, mom to 3 boys: Ford (15), Walker (3), Alistaire (1), wife to Kirk. I live in a small town between Seattle and Mt. Rainier, on the edge of the forests.


The three boys and me, last summer, while hiking at Rainier.

Gazing In came out of wanting something more personal than my business website and blog, and has slowly evolved over the past 4+ years to be what it is now. I talk about my family, cooking, food, gardening, canning and what a dork I can be. Trust me, I can be a major dork. I get overly excited when weird ideas work 😉 I post 5 days a week (used to be daily, something had to give though and now I usually take weekends off) and yes, I do make mistakes and flops. And admit to it. No perfection here. I cook the majority of our meals from scratch – to avoid the many additives I cannot have. I grind my grains, love to put up for winter and most of all, eat dessert daily!

Last but not least….we live a plant-based diet/way of life. Most of my recipes are vegan-friendly, but not all. We live this way for health reasons but I don’t have qualms with locally raised honey and eggs.


Hiking again?….what is the connection you ask?

My other sites are Trail Cooking and the Blog of Trail Cooking. I started writing/developing outdoor recipes in 2004 and published my first cookbook in 2005. I love hiking and backpacking, and more so sharing knowledge about it. I started Gazing In when I felt I had so much more to share, but also I wanted a place that was mine that I could be female on!

Find me on Facebook, Facebook, and well, more Facebook and Pinterest & Twitter (I finally got around to creating a Twitter account for Gazing In….).


Ultimate Blog Party 2013



  1. I love, love, love the Seattle/Mt. Rainer area. It doesn’t get much prettier than that area. And your childers are so cute! Have fun at the blog party! xo

  2. Hi,

    I come for the party ^___*. I like to “meet” new blogger friends. Looks lovely place where you live. I live in small city too. Pls return to see my UBP blog post too in here: See you at my blog 😉

  3. Stopping by to say Hello. Enjoy the Party!!!

  4. What a cute idea! 🙂

  5. I’m stopping by from the UBP13. Loving your family photo!!! I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.

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