Sunflower Chocolate Chip ‘Ice Cream’

With our heat wave finally receding I had a lot of bananas ripening too fast on the counter. Whenever this happens I peel, slice and freeze them for latter, since I often add them to my morning frappes. My mind was wandering a bit and I went back into my blog archives for the banana ‘ice cream’ recipes I had published last summer – the classic frozen bananas into frozen soft serve. I took the basic method for prepping it, and swapped out the ingredients, especially so that Alistaire could enjoy some as well. I used to make it with peanut butter but not anymore, with his allergies. Last week while Kirk was on a business trip, Alistaire got into the garbage can, found a fortune cookie wrapper and rubbed it on his lips. He had a reaction to whatever was in it and had lip swelling. Ugh. As he gets older, and wants to eat more, it gets harder. I don’t feel overly frustrated though, more that I have a project on my hands – and a new way of eating yet again.


And here is the thing: I am finding I prefer sunflower butter over peanut butter. It has a mild, pleasant flavor and just isn’t as “heavy” in recipes. With Alistaire having allergies to both peanuts and eggs, his chance of eating dairy ice cream is pretty low, unless I make it from scratch (which I enjoy doing). I am avoiding my favorite almond and coconut ice creams until his allergy testing is fully done – no reason to tempt fate I’d say! And Walker loves a bowl of ‘ice cream’, not knowing it isn’t. If anything, Walker enjoys it more than the real stuff!


Sunflower Chocolate Chip ‘Ice Cream’


  • 5 medium bananas, very ripe
  • ¼ cup sunflower butter
  • ¼ cup raw honey
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • Mini chocolate chips


Peel bananas, slice and freeze for at least a few hours.

Add frozen bananas to a food processor. Run on high, scraping sides as needed, until bananas go from crumbly to smooth. Stop and scrape sides  add in sunflower butter, honey and cinnamon, pulse until mixed in, scraping as needed. Add in chocolate chips as desired (I used about ½ cup), pulse in. Scrape into a large glass freezer-safe dish, cover tightly and freeze for a few hours.

Store tightly sealed in the freezer (note, use the freezer in your frig, not a deep freezer).


This is amazing tasting added to smoothies, milk shakes and frappes, a good scoop added with the ice. Yum! I find it stores well in the freezer, even for days after making. Get a big batch and enjoy your “hard” work for a number of servings.

If you must, use raw agave nectar instead of the honey.




  1. Looks so rich and yummy! Oh how I wish I liked bananas!

  2. Oh. My God. Everything you post just looks amazing. Where would one find sunflower butter? Would my regular old grocery store have it, or do I need to visit Mr. Trader Joe? xo

    • A lot of stores have it with the PB now but yeah Trader Joe’s will be a LOT cheaper on average. I buy Sunbutter via Vitacost online, otherwise…ouch instead of $5, I’d pay $8 or 9 a jar in the grocery store. TJ’s is the same as PB for price 🙂

      • Great! Thank you so much! Funny I read this because I was just about to head out the door to get stuff for pitas tonight. Apparently we are having Sunflower Chocolate Chip Ice Cream tonight too! xox

  3. This looks heavenly and I adore those bowls!!

  4. …and this is why I buy tons & tons of bananas!

  5. oh my! this looks so very yummy! I’m definitely going to be making it this summer! My little nut free guy will be so happy to have ice cream. Thanks for sharing!

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