A Big Update!

I had this crazy idea I would take Gazing In to self-hosted. It would be hard, but I’d get there. Well, for the most part…it has been OK. Thankfully I have in-house/office tech support (marrying a Geek has its benefits). We finally got everything lined up and then at the last second, WordPress’ DNS section isn’t working. Oops. Kind of hard to move a site without shifting where it points to 😉

So…until it gets resolved (hopefully soon) on WP’s end, I won’t be publishing any new posts, as we have moved everything over – and I don’t want to go through THAT again! Once the DNS is moved, I can quickly jump in and get the site looking great. Thanks for putting up with me….I promise it’ll be worth it in the end. And it should be pretty seamless once done 🙂

PS: Any comments left on the blog till then won’t come over. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook till then! And thanks for everyone telling me I can do it!



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